Stacey Abrams hosts 'Get Out The Vote' rally in Macon

    Danielle Apolinar (WGXA)

    MACON, Ga. -- Stacey Abrams came to Macon on Friday as part of the last leg of her campaign before midterm elections next Tuesday, November 2.

    Voters headed to the Westgate Shopping Center on Pio Nono Ave. to hear Abrams and US Representative John Lewis speak.

    Local leaders joined Abrams and Lewis to host the "Early Vote Get Out The Vote" rally and urged everyone to go out and vote early.

    Friday is the last day to vote early for the 2018 midterm elections, and as Tuesday approaches, Abrams and her team continue to travel through Georgia to spread her vision and values.

    Abrams said with her supporters' help she plans on making history in this year's elections. At Friday's rally in Macon, Abrams told supporters what she would do if she broke history and became Georgia's next governor.

    "We need every single vote so we can fill them to the rafters, so there is no question on who voted and if voter suppression worked. Say it with me, 'Vote early,' 'Vote early!' Second thing I need is volunteer hard, volunteer hard," said Abrams.

    Supporters said they're ready to see change - change they think Abrams can bring.

    "We need somebody who will put a new fresh breath of air in this state," said Edward Palmore.

    Abrams reminded the crowd where she stands on small business.

    "I have a plan to create a $10 million small business financing fund because I know small businesses like the one I had can fail without access to capital," she said.

    The Democratic gubernatorial candidate also talked about her stance on education.

    "We are a Georgia that believes in fully funding K-12 education. I'm not going to be an education governor, we've had enough of those! I'm going to be the public education governor," Abrams said.

    Supporters got to hear what she plans on doing for healthcare in the state.

    "On day one, my first responsibility will be expansion of Medicaid in the state of Georgia," she said.

    Anyone who's registered but didn't make it out to vote early will have their last chance to vote next Tuesday, November 6. You can double check your polling place by heading to the My Voter Page on the Georgia Secretary of State's website.

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