Georgia U.S. Rep. Austin Scott says tax overhaul benefits working Americans

Rep. Austin Scott believes a tax overhaul will create economic growth.

WASHINGTON, D.C.- U.S. Georgia Representative Austin Scott said he supports the overall tax overhaul plan on Capitol Hill.

Scott calls the senate-approved plan a win-win for working families.

"One from the overall economic growth I think it's going to help every family in the United States in that there will be more jobs available for people. If there are more jobs available for people, then the environment becomes more competitive and that drives wages up and that's good for every American out there", said Scott.

The Senate approved their version Saturday morning. Next, the House of Representatives and the Senate will need to come up with a compromise bill and approve it in both chambers.

Critics have said the Republican tax plan benefits the wealthiest Americans and hurts the poor and working class.

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