Rep. Scott reacts to Texas church shooting

Austin Scott / WGXA

WASHINGTON -- In WGXA's Connect to Congress series, Georgia U.S. Representative Austin Scott spoke about America's gun violence.

He said Devin Kelly should never have been able to get a gun and go on a shooting spree Sunday in Texas.

"This is a mentally deranged individual," Scott said. "He should not have been able to purchase gun. The current law prohibited him from having a gun. So it was a violation to have the firearm in his possession. It's beyond me how sick someone has to be to carry out and event where he's walking by and shooting children."

Investigators said Kelly was accused of domestic violence, but the military did not report it, so he was able to pass a background check to buy a gun.

Scott said he'll work with other lawmakers to review the shooting and find ways to close gun law loopholes.

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