A Macon music mogul discusses the music industry

    In the late 1960s and early 1970s Macon was on of the centers of the music universe. Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers and other southern rock groups got their start here.

    Another man who helped build an RR&B southern empire was Alan Walden, who managed Redding early in his career. He said it wasn't easy.

    "My advice to any young person who wants to get into the music business is that you must be the most dedicated person in the world," Walden said. "You have to put the music business before anything in your life other than your marriage and your family."

    Walden said working with Redding in the early 60s created its own challenges.

    "Otis Redding and I were traveling together in 1962. In those days white and black did not work together and you faced consequences all the time," he said.

    He said even today it can be a juggling act.

    "Good managers, you got to know the promotion part of the businesses, the marketing part of the business, you got to know the politics with all the record companies," he said. "You've got to definitely keep your act happy so they are happy with all you are doing."

    But as Walden pointed out, the industry is changing, and anyone can build an empire sitting right at their laptop.

    "Staying social. Social media has expanded today and made so many different artists... Put artists and people into positions you never dreamed of," he said. "It could be that one YouTube video that just catapults your career to stardom."

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