Jason Aldean shoots music video in downtown Macon

    Country music star Jason Aldean picked his hometown of Macon as the backdrop for his latest video for "Gonna Know We Were Here."

    Plaid, pickups and classic cars were all ingredients to turn downtown Macon into the music video set on Tuesday.

    "It was pretty wild, I had no idea this was going on, just walking downtown to get some dinner and what do you know.. They're shooting a music video down here," said spectator Jeffrey Jackson.

    Peggy Owen said she traveled all the way from Smith Mountain, VA after her two teenage daughters answered a Facebook post for extras in the video.

    "She mentioned it to me thinking I'd never let her do it, and I never thought she'd get chosen, so we were on the same path," Owen said. "But then she texted me from her school saying, 'You're never going to believe it but they picked us! We've been chosen,' and I was like, 'now I'm going to have to drive them to Macon, Georgia,' but it's all good and I think they're going to have a good time."

    It looks like Aldean's old school, Windsor Academy, will also have a featured role: a bus and football players are part of the set, along with his hometown.

    "I think it's nice that we'll be able to see scenes of Macon in his next video," said spectator Leah Mayo.

    The video starts with a pep rally feel with a throng of students passing speakers up to a truck.

    Jamie Weatherford, who looked on with his son Walden, said he hopes the singer will continue to use his career to boost his hometown.

    "I hope that this is the beginning of Jason coming to Macon more often and doing more for the city of Macon," Weatherford said. "Jason could really change Macon."

    At the very least, when the video hits the screen, the title will hold true for his hometown; They're gonna know we were here.

    The video shoot is expected to wrap up by midnight, when the downtown streets that were closed for the shoot will reopen.

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