Second Sunday With Zach Deputy

    Even with the heat, people came out to Coleman Hill on Second Sunday to see Zach Deputy live in concert. "It really has become a Macon staple, Macon and music obviously go hand in hand and this is something that is really bringing that back, actually having music out in a public space out in the park," said Leila Regan-Porter, marking co-chair for Bragg Jam. "It fits so well with the history of Macon, the present of Macon and the future of Macon as well, bringing that music vibe." Bragg Jam hosts the musical event every second Sunday of the month, and people from the area flocked to Macon to enjoy free entertainment. "It's a nice community gathering point, I get to see a lot of my friends and neighbors, the organizers usually do a good job selecting good music," said Tom Ellington, a Macon resident. "I just think it's always important to support the things happening in the community, Second Sunday has always been a great thing I could bring my family to and friends," said Tony Lewis, a Macon resident. As for Zach Deputy, there is one thing he enjoys when he looks out to the crowd. "It's more of a family affair, you get the families and all the age groups and hang out," added Deputy. "When I play that's one of the coolest things I see, people coming from all walks of life and all things coming together and hanging out." Another big musical event this month is Bragg Jam. It will be held Saturday, July 25th.

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