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Jefferson Awards: Ashley Copelan


For some people, acts of service come every once in a while, but for this month's Jefferson Award winner, Ashley Copelan, serving the Macon community is truly a way of life.

Copelan helps with various organizations like , The Junior League of Macon and Vineville United Methodist but it's her work with the Alzheimer's Association has really become personal.

Speaking about Alzheimer's disease, Copelan says, "I've just watched what my mother has been through and what friends of mine have been through with loved ones and I just don't want my children to have to go through that."

Three of Copelan's grandparents suffered from the horrible realities of Alzheimer's disease.

The experience fuels her desire to help find a cure.

She adds, "It takes people who were once so vibrant, and so intelligent and so involved and engaged and it just takes away so much of their personalities and it's a sad thing to watch."

Before watching the disease take so much from her grandparents, Ashley says they were the ones who instilled a spirit of service within her.

Now she's proud to be that example for her children.

"By far, my greatest achievement, in my opinion, me and my husband's, is raising kids who want to give back and love their community" adds Copelan.

In addition to working with the Alzheimer's Association, Ashley is working with Mercer to raise four-hundred million dollars to further the university's influence.

She volunteers with to serve meals to first responders.

Ashley Copelan says, "Nothing makes me happier than to know that we're helping people. There's a lot of reward in that. I can't even put it into words."

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