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Jefferson Awards: Bhavin Patel

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Teenagers today have a lot of pressures. From school to social media and much more, it can be difficult to excel in school and help your community.

One Stratford Academy student, Bhavin Patel, shows us how hard work can pay off and benefit others.

He's this month's Jefferson Award winner.

Bhavin says he does see himself making an impact in the world.

And the 16-year-old is well on his way to making a significant mark on this world.

Patel visited Charlotte this past month at the National League of Cities to see all the problems our country is facing and It gave he and his classmates insight of the perils many cities face.

The junior at Stratford Academy has volunteered with a number of organizations like Macon Little Theatre, American Red Cross, and the Ronald McDonald House all while maintaining all while maintaining a high GPA.

He's also involved in the Georgia Civics Awareness for students program.

He explains, "The Georgia Civics Awareness for students gives us some inside perspective of the government and helps us engage more in the community."

A community he hopes to improve through volunteer work just like one of his inspirations, Magic Johnson.

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