Jefferson Awards: Dr. Helen-Louise Moore

Dr. Helen-Louise Moore/WGXA

As a pediatrician in Warner Robins, Dr. Helen-Louise Moore has a full day of patients and managing her office.

But she also divides her time to local athletes.

Dr. Moore has been involved with the Houston County Sharks since her son, William, was part of the team.

"Initially my son was a part of the team," Dr. Moore said. "And it was brought to my attention that a number of students were qualified to play, but just didn't have their physicals done or had access to the program."

As a physician, Dr. Moore felt she could step in and help fill the need.

"The coaches would actually arrange and bring them to my office," she said. "So in between patients I would squeeze them in."

Now seven years later, she and some of her nursing staff see around 180 athletes twice a year, giving them a full comprehensive health check free of charge.

"If I have to more than once, then I'll do that too," Dr. Moore said.

Dr. Moore says she does this to give athletes the chance to be a part of a team.

"Seeing where they came from and their state of mind and how they felt about their disability, I think it's empowering for them," she says. "It gives them a new perspective.

"Even though they have disabilities, it may be a difference that they see it as instead of keeping them from something. They give me so much more than I give them."

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