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Jefferson Awards: Jill Amos


Jill amos has committed her career to helping youth, who are often the voiceless, be heard.

Jill's tireless commitment to serving young people in Georgia is why she's this month's Jefferson Award Winner.

Her philosophy lies on love. She adds, "In life, at the end of the day, it's all about someone knowing that they're loved."

For 30 years she's counseled women in prison and placed children with severe emotional and physical needs in the foster care system in loving homes.

Jill estimates she's worked with over 2,000 kids in Georgia's foster care system during her career.

She says being able to work with those kids, even just a few to make a difference, has been worth while.

Now as director of the Lane Center for Service and Learning at her Alma Mater, Wesleyan College, Jill has tapped into a new avenue for serving others.

"I have a whole other passion that I haven't even begun to explore" adds Amos.

Now she's increasing her service footprint helping students from over seven different countries find their own ways to serve where they're planted.

"We teach them skills so that they can be life long leaders in their own communities and take these experiences back with them with they go to their respective countries."

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