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Jefferson Awards: Kevin Taylor


"I think sometimes we all go through rough stages."

After 12 years in law enforcement, Deputy Kevin Taylor has seen the worst of his community while on the job, but it's what he noticed outside of work that bothered him most.

Taylor adds, "A lot of people in this community live paycheck to paycheck and doing the right thing and not going out there committing crimes in order to make illegal money to supply their family with their wants and needs."

He and other members of the force wanted to help those people make ends meet.

Deputy Taylor says he and his father went through rough stages and he didn't want anyone else to go through that if he could help it.

In 2012 he started Operation Arresting Hunger, focusing on providing for families in need in Houston County.

He says during first year they served 15 families. Last year and the year before that it was over a hundred families.

During the holidays they also take dozens of kids to Toys R Us, give them $150 and watch them shop 'til they drop.

Beaming with joy, Taylor commented, "When they see us at Toys R Us, they just have a good time."

He says it's an indescribable feeling.

If you'd like to get involved with Operation Arresting Hunger, contact the Houston County Sheriff's office at (478) 542-2125.

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