1 year later: Tragic officer killings in Putnam County

Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose/Georgia Bureau of Investigation

PUTNAM COUNTY, Ga. (WGXA) - Wednesday officially marks one year since a tragic incident took place in Putnam County.

Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe are the two Georgia prison inmates accused in the June 13, 2017, murders of two Georgia Department of Corrections officers. Both are charged with two counts of murder, one count of motor vehicle hijacking and one count of felony escape as state prosecutors seek the death penalty.

Dubose's pre-trial also begins Wednesday on this anniversary.

One year ago, Dubose and Rowe are accused of overpowering officers Christopher Monica, 42, and Curtis Billue, 58, on a prison bus, taking their guns and fatally shooting them. It was traveling on Highway 16 in Putnam County at the time.

Dubose and Rowe allegedly then carjacked a Honda Civic and got away.

They were captured about 60 hours later on June 15, 2017, near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, after being held at gunpoint by a homeowner and neighbor. The "unprecedented" search was supported by more than 350 counted staff and countless others from the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia State Patrol and the Department of Natural Resources.

Monica was hired in 2009, while Billue was hired in 2007. Both worked for the Baldwin State Prison.

Officer Billue's sister Carol Billue provided WGXA with a letter she wrote requesting authorities to release video of what took place on the bus a year ago.

Part of it reads: "I ask the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, to ask the FBI, GBI, the Justice Department or any other agency to release the video of what took place in the cab area of that bus on June 13, 2017, so that the family will have the needed answers."

Read the full letter here:

Stay with WGXA all day for updates from Dubose's trial.

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