Fan honors Gregg Allman in unique way, a year after his burial

A man from Ohio plays guitar at Allman's grave in tribute. Tiffany Thompson, WGXA News

MACON, Ga.-- Gregg Allman was laid to rest a year ago Sunday and fans from all over the country came to show their respects for the legendary musician.

Josh Cutting says he wanted to honor his idol Greg Allman in a special way.

He decided to do so today, a year after Allman was buried.

Cutting paid tribute the only way he knew how, through music.

He said he grew up listening to the Allman brothers.

"I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but coming from Florida and my route took me to this way and I thought this was a great place to stop and see," said Cutting.

Larry Jordon from Middle Georgia also stopped by, and Jordon said he has a personal connection with Allman. He saw him in concert back in 1968.

"I think suddenly it was cool to be southern and we are old enough to remember when it kind of wasn't cool to be southern, so I think they took some great footsteps to make it feel cool to be southern," said Jordon.

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