First fully integrated church in Georgia preaches unity in face of violence

The Covenant Life Cathedral held a celebration of unity Sunday. Tiffany Thompson/WGXA

MACON, Ga. - Covenant Life Cathedral celebrated unity on Sunday.

Church leaders said the church is the first fully integrated church in Georgia; and started the process in 1969.

Today, they celebrated unity after the violence that happened over the weekend.

Pastor of the church Robert Hunnicutt said he had one message for this congregation.

"I say to people all the time. We all die dead and we all bleed red," Hunnicutt said, emphasizing that everyone is equal.

Leader of the church Queen Hayes said not long ago, one of their attendee's family members was murdered, so the message of unity is important.

"You know we look at our pastor and first lady as our spiritual parents. And we are brothers and sisters and their children are our nieces and nephews," Hayes said.

Pastor Hunnicutt said his church welcomes those from all denominations and walks of life.

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