Middle Georgia family gets home from Fuller Center

    Middle Georgia family gets a new home. Tiffany Thompson/ WGXA News

    MACON, Ga.-- A family got the gift of a lifetime when the Fuller Center for Housing of Macon presented them with a house on Sunday.

    Dianne Fuller is the Executive Director of Fuller Center for Housing of Macon. She said from the moment she met the Howard family she knew they were special.

    "I've never seen a family quite like this one. The kids loved to work, and they even gave up going to the movies to come and work one Saturday," said Fuller.

    Fuller said the Center started in 2005 as a way to help homeowners update their homes, but it quickly transformed.

    Now they help low income families get homes without interest, and in return these families must work on their homes for around 300 hours.

    Fuller says this family worked extra hard.

    "The mother works very hard. She works full time and she works extremely hard to provide for her kids," said Fuller.

    She said the children were there every step of the way for the past six months.

    Fuller said the reason why is simple.

    "To show her kids an example of what it's like to work hard and own your house," said Fuller.

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