A ministry in Lamar County takes meals to those in need

A ministry in Lamar County takes meals to those in need. Claudia Coco / WGXA News

LAMAR COUNTY, Ga -- A Disciple's Love Ministry was started in Lamar County to take meals to those who are in need. Cynthia Pierce, founder of the ministry, said she felt called from God to fulfill a need in her community.

Charlotte Wood recently lost her car, which has made her life kind of tough.

"You lose a lot of mobility, and you lose a lot of independence, and you're just stuck," Wood said.

Wood said the kindness of being brought a meal by A Disciple's Love Ministry is a welcome relief.

"I appreciate these people so much, I just, I'm like in awe, that people even take their time because everybody is so busy, and that's what you hear all the time," Wood said.

People like Charlotte Wood are a part of the reason Cynthia Pierce felt the call to start A Disciple's Love Ministry. The purpose of the ministry is to take meals to those in need. This is the second time Pierce has handed out meals, but she struggled with the initial start-up.

"I've battled with this one a lot because I'm like 'God I don't know how to start, I don't have the money to start,'" Pierce said. "Then he laid on my heart and said no you do have all of this, you have resources, your church is a resource."

She has been preparing meals in her church, and she has already seen growth in just one month.

"We started this actually in October, and it's already grown to 30. I'm hoping next month to get on up there," Pierce said.

Initially Pierce bought everything for the meals herself, but through word of mouth and the participation of Lilla Baptist Church in Lamar County, she has started receiving donations. Pierce said the need in the community is there, the more donations, the more people she can feed.

"We need donations of food, any kind of canned goods, anything that's non-perishable because we can make the meals around those," Pierce said.

Pierce said she ultimately wants to grow the meal service from once a month, to once a week. Right now she hands out meals in Lamar County and the surrounding areas.

If you or someone you know is deserving of a meal, or if you want to donate or volunteer check out A Disciple's Love Ministry's Facebook page for more information.

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