A special Christmas delivery made to those in need

A special Christmas delivery made to those in need. Claudia Coco / WGXA News

MACON, Ga -- A special Christmas delivery was made to several families this Saturday. A group called 'Serving People In Need' also known as "SPIN" spent their Saturday delivering gifts.

This is the fifth year they have been delivering gifts and each year it gets even more magical.

"My favorite part is when we walk into these families, and the kids expressions are just out of this world," Stephanie Stubbs-Lee said.

Stubbs-Lee with SPIN said its a great way to take part in the Christmas spirit.

"Just to give toys to tots, it's just a wonderful experience," Stubbs-Lee said. "It just fills my heart to know that, you know, that we'll be able to put a smile on somebody's face or a kid's face come Christmas morning."

Diane Rivers takes care of her bed-ridden daughter and her two granddaughters, one of which has special needs. She said these presents mean so much to her family.

"I'm only one person. I have to be her foots and her eyes, her foots and her eyes. and it just shows me that people have a heart, still have a heart," Rivers said.

She said the fact that SPIN brought so many presents is great. But she said it was truly the thought that counts.

"Even if it was just a can of beans, it would have been satisfied with me," Rivers said.

She said her granddaughter Kennedy was shocked by the kindness of strangers.

Both granddaughters are ecstatic for their presents and can't wait to open them up on Christmas morning.

SPIN delivered to nine children and three families this year. The kids can expect to open up bikes, clothes, and toys on Christmas morning.

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