After storm safety crucial as crews work to restore power throughout Georgia


MACON, Ga. -- As Tropical Storm Michael leaves Georgia, power companies have started assessing damage.

Several communities in the state - including Albany, Americus, Bainbridge, Macon, Valdosta, Vidalia and others - were hit hard by heavy rain and fallen trees.

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Over 115,000 Georgia Power customers were still without power Thursday afternoon, and the company is urging people to stay safe in the storm's aftermath since dangerous conditions can remain following a severe weather event.

Georgia Power offered these after-storm safety tips that everyone can follow:

  • Be careful of downed wires, which can be hidden by debris or fallen trees.
  • Do not touch any downed wire or try to remove tree branches from power lines. This can kill you.
  • Avoid standing water and saturated ground where downed power lines can hide.
  • Stay away from chain link fences, which might be electrified by a downed line that's out of sight and can conduct electricity over a distance.
  • Be careful of power crews working throughout Georgia. Drivers should move over by at least one lane for work vehicles on the side of the road (per Georgia law).
  • Protect electronics and appliances by disconnecting/turning them off. If they start automatically when the power is back on, they can overload circuits.

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