Agencies across Georgia joining in on manhunt for Bo Dukes

    Mugshot courtesy: Warner Robins Police Department

    MACON, Ga. -- The national manhunt for 34-year-old Bo Dukes has led multiple Georgia law enforcement agencies to join in on the search.

    Dukes became a wanted suspect following the alleged sexual assault of two women in Bonaire this week. A national manhunt was underway for the suspect -- who's also accused in Tara Grinstead's alleged 2005 murder -- by Thursday.

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    The Wilcox County Sheriff's Office said it hasn't confirmed any of the potential sightings of Dukes that they've been tipped off to this week but added that it's been in constant contact with other agencies looking for the suspect.

    Wilcox County deputies "have spent two days looking and searching barns, property, storage sheds, abandoned campers woods and houses," and said so far, there's "no evidence" that Dukes is there.

    The sheriff's office said law enforcement has "run down so many fake sightings" throughout Georgia.

    The Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office released a similar statement Thursday night and said Fitzgerald police and Georgia State Patrol are helping out in the search for Dukes in Ben Hill County.

    Deputies there told the public that Irwin and Berrien County officials are also leading the manhunt for Dukes in their own jurisdictions.

    The Wilcox County Sheriff's Office said its goal is for "Dukes to be taken into custody without incident or without anyone getting hurt." Anyone who's seen him or knows where he's located is asked to call 911 immediately.

    Additionally, Irwin County 911 said on Facebook that "We have gotten a couple of tips, but none showed any evidence that anybody has been in these locations in the past several days."

    They add "Wilcox, Irwin and Berrien County is also monitoring there counties as well."

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