Atlanta Motor Speedway welcomes first Hurricane Florence evacuees

    Claudia Coco (WGXA)

    ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Motor Speedway (AMS) has already welcomed some Hurricane Florence evacuees.

    On Tuesday the AMS opened its doors to anyone evacuating from the storm. As of Wednesday five campers have shown up to the campgrounds, but AMS said it's expecting more people to show up.

    Melody Rawson arrived from Myrtle Beach her with wife Lisa, son Terrell, nephew Aaron, two dogs and their pet cockatoo all stuffed into one car. They packed quickly after her work said it was time to go.

    "You just do what you can do. Take your import papers. Just take what you think is important and pray for the rest," said Rawson.


    Bobby Barbour from Ocean Isle, North Carolina said they're scared of what's coming.

    "And I've ridden out most of them, but this one everyone's just got a bad feeling," said Barbour. "What scares me, a lot of people down there don't want to evacuate."

    There are free campsites and sites that cost $20 per night, which have trailer hook-ups that provide electricity. All evacuees can use the showers.

    AMS said last year about 100 campers showed up to ride out Irma, but said it has the capability to hold 5,000 so there's not a concern about not having space for anyone. They're also accepting all pets, including livestock.

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