Baldwin Co. hears from public on proposed property maintenance codes

Baldwin County residents attended a meeting to hear about the international property maintenance code proposal/Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ga. -- The Baldwin County commission is considering adopting a new ordinance called the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC).

The code would set rules on how property owners can take care of the outside and inside of their homes, including rental properties.

Ray Woodall has lived in Baldwin County for more than 64 years, and disagrees with passing an IPMC.

"It's unnecessary, it's invasive and in my opinion, it's unconstitutional to come to someone else's house and tell them you need to cut your grass you need to paint your house," he said.

During Tuesday night's public hearing on the IPMC, Woodall told commissioners that current codes already address blight concerns. He asked commission, "Can't they go by the code that we have now rather than impose 41 pages more that is going to put a burden on a lot of people?"

The rules include:

  • No abandoned cars or appliances in allowed in public view; and
  • Grass must be shorter than 18 inches.

Commissioner Tommy French said that the county's current codes are outdated. "It may help clean up some of the areas and stop the nightmare where people have abandoned houses next to them and all types of crime and things going on. People continue to call but there is nothing we can do," he said.

Some voters said this decision has dragged on for too long and they want an answer soon. Woodall said that if it's approved, many in the community will petition to have it repealed.

"I'm not worried about my house but I know a lot of people who are struggling and this is just going to put a hardship on them," he said.

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