Baldwin Co. one of Georgia's most food-insecure counties, hunger relief group says

    People eat a meal at Cafe Central/Miles Garrett (WGXA)

    BALDWIN COUNTY, Ga. -- A national hunger relief group says Baldwin County has one of the highest food insecurity rates in Georgia, but a group of students at Georgia College is working to make sure more people have enough to eat.

    "It does make me feel like a small part of something, because I know I only started coming here a couple weeks ago," student Marissa Borah said.

    "Things like unemployment and poverty, the rates tend to be a little higher in this region than other parts of the state and even nationally. So this is one of the more harder-hit places, particularly since the last downturn we had with the economy. But then they go out and see the impact of that and get the real life story of the people that a place like Cafe Central serves," professor Dr. Scott Dillard said.

    Every week rhetoric students volunteer at Cafe Central in Milledgeville to serve the less fortunate. They use what they learn to write a better speech, but the class is doing more for the students by helping those who need it most.

    "As someone who does not come from Milledgeville, and coming here and seeing that this is a huge need in the community makes me feel a part of it," said Borah.

    "It's really important to me because there's a lot of food insecurity in Baldwin County and I feel it's important that there's a kitchen that comes out here and serves it to those who need it. I really want to help people and tell their stories," student Brendan Borders said.

    Rhetoric students might not solve Baldwin County's food insecurity problem, but they're setting a foundation for young minds to stay and help the community they learn in.

    "This has immersed me more to be a part of Milledgeville and not just coming here for the college," said Borah.

    The students are at the cafe every Monday and Tuesday. Cafe Central will celebrate 10 years in October 2019.

    Compare Baldwin County's food insecurity rate to other counties in Georgia:

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