Ballard-Hudson teacher on leave pending investigation on 'possible incident' with student

A Ballard-Hudson teacher was placed on leave while the school investigates a possible incident with a student / (Bibb County School District)

MACON, Ga. -- A Ballard-Hudson Middle School teacher is on paid leave after a "possible incident" between the teacher and a student.

Stephanie Hartley with the Bibb County School district said the incident reportedly occurred during class on Nov.17, the last day of school before Thanksgiving break.

The school district's Human Resources Department is conducting an investigation.

The Division of Family and Child Services was notified about the possible incident on Monday, Nov. 27. They made the Bibb County Sheriff's Office aware of the investigation on Nov. 28, according to Hartley.

Hartley said the school system has contacted the student's parents to tell them an investigation is ongoing.

Chad Keen, a Heritage Elementary teacher, was charged with cruelty to children on Nov. 21 for reportedly hitting three kids with pointers in a special education classroom.

Keen and a paraprofessional who was in the classroom were both placed on administrative leave during the investigation as well.

On Nov. 7, a Ballard-Hudson student threw a locker padlock into the air and struck a teacher. An ambulance was called, but the teacher appeared to be fine.

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