Barnesville teen provides meals to dozens of families in need

Donavan working on feeding those in need /David Domingue (WGXA)

BARNESVILLE, Ga. -- A Lamar County teen is providing dozens of Barnesville families with Thanksgiving meals this year.

In April, Donavan Sanford told his mother that he wanted to start a food bank in his hometown. The next month, they started a non-profit, Donavan's Dream, that receives donations and works with larger companies to get food donations.

Now, they provide a box of food for 15 to 16 people a week.

"It makes me feel pretty good because I knew that I was helping people," Sanford said.

This week, Sanford is providing over 65 families with a meal.

While raising money for proper Thanksgiving meals, Sanford came up a little short. However, Perdue offered to donate the 37 turkeys that they were short through Middle Georgia Community Food Bank.

Sanford hopes to continue giving families meals and wants to provide for even more people on Christmas.

"He has taught me a lot here recently," said his mother Jennifer Williams. "I have always been a giver but I have never given on the scale that he wants to do. It does it makes me proud that he is willing to have a voice and stand up and do the extra work that it takes to make sure that people have what they need."

For more information on Donavan's Dream, visit the website.

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