Bear roadkill in Warner Robins marks 8th of year for middle Georgia

Courtesy Warner Robins Police

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- Georgia DNR says summer is the most common time for bear roadkills -- like the one discovered in Warner Robins on Wednesday -- due to bears' increased movement.

Kevin Kramer with Georgia DNR says there have been eight roadkills in middle Georgia so far in 2018. There are usually 15-20 per year in the mid-state.

The latest came Wednesday when Warner Robins Police discovered a bear hit and killed at the intersection of Watson and Gunn Rd.

The young male bear -- around a year-and-a-half-old -- weighed about 80 lbs.

Kramer says about 350-450 bears populate the middle Georgia area.

He says summer is the time when the young male bears disperse their movements, while it's also a time when adult bears go searching for mates. Both lead to increased roadkills.

Kramer says the DNR has picked up three bear roadkills this year that have weighed more than 400 pounds.

He encourages you to be cautious.

"Slow down and give them time to cross the road," Kramer said. "Roads are usually barriers to bears. They don't usually try to cross busy roads -- and when they do, it doesn't usually end well."

And if you do hit a bear on the road, call 911.

"Report it and then they can reach us and let us know where we can pick it up," Kramer said.

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