Bibb Co. unemployment rate falls in 2018

According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, more people are getting back to work across the country/Jayla Whitfield (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, more people are getting back to work across the country - but where does the midstate fall?

There are nearly 5,000 Middle Georgians without an income to support themselves or their family. One resident said it's been a daily struggle to make ends meet.

"One of the things about being unemployed for so long. Yes, you're struggling and yes, it gets very difficult. You're having to struggle to make ends meet. You're like, 'okay, how am I going to pay my light bill, how am I going to pay my water'," said Crystal Jackson.

Jackson said she's been out of work for two years now, but according to the July job report unemployment has decreased in the country.

"For the rest of us that are in the smaller towns, you know Covington, Havvock, here in Macon, Gray, there's a lot of places that are still struggling," Jackson said.

Career center manager Bob Thompson said the unemployment rate in Middle Georgia was destined to drop.

"In July of last year, the unemployment rate for Bibb County was 5.6, and now here in June of this year, 2018 it's 4.1," said Thompson.

Thompson said that people need to want a job.

"Be committed, and know that 'I'm going to get a job'," he said.

Jackson disagreed though, and said that employers want people to be educated and have experience without giving the opportunity to gain the experience needed.

"Most of the people that seen that I've that are unemployed are genuine, hardworking people who are really trying to get their feet under them and stand up. Unfortunately, it just seems like the jobs just disappear," she said.

Jackson said she is still working to find herself a job. Meanwhile Johnson said the career center offers multiple ways to help those in need of finding a new job, including resume building and career opportunities and resources.

The Macon Career Center is located at 3090 Mercer University Dr. and is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Anyone interested can reach them at 478-751-6164.

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