Bibb County Sheriff's Office: drivers, beware of gas pump skimmers

Bibb County Sheriff's Office

MACON, Ga. -- The Bibb County Sheriff's Office issued a warning to drivers to use caution when at the gas pump.

In a Facebook post, the sheriff's office said that the Georgia Department of Agriculture found a skimmer device at a gas station located on the corner of Houston Road and Hartley Bridge Road.

The post stated that, "According to the Georgia Department of Agriculture inspector, this skimmer emits a Bluetooth signal, so the criminals can stop at the pump to collect the information without opening it."

The sheriff's office issued some safety precautions that consumers can take when fueling vehicles to protect financial information:

  • Pay for gas with cash instead of a card
  • Use a credit card to pay for gas because it limits your liability to $50. If a thief steals debit card information, this can give the person direct access to the actual money in a bank account.
  • Check out a gas pump before swiping. Inspect the card reader for signs that it has been tampered with, including scratches or loose-fitting hardware.
  • Always keep cards in sight.
  • Check financial statements regularly and report questionable transactions right away.

Anyone who discovers that their financial information has been compromised should notify their banking institution immediately and report the fraud to the Bibb County Sheriff's Office at 478-751-7500.

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