Boy with hole in skull from cancer shares inspiring story

8-year-old Ian Meeler battles a rare form of cancer. Tiffany Thompson/ WGXA News

BONAIRE, Ga.--Ian Meeler is like most boys his age. He likes cats and video games, but his mom Dominique Rooks said unlike most boys, he has a rare form of cancer.

His parents said it wasn't until they noticed a giant lump on his head that they knew something was wrong.

"In all honesty I was a complete wreck. The way the ER doctor had done it he has pulled me out of the room with Ian and pulled me to his computer and said ma'am I just want to let you know that your son has a hole in his head and my heart dropped," Rooks said.

She said that was the day her life changed, but it started like any other.

"Actually one morning Ian had woken up to get ready for school and had a knot right here, about the size of a softball," Rooks said.

That's when she took him to the school nurse, who told them to go to the doctor, who then told them to go to the Emergency Room.

After numerous tests, she said she found out her son had a hole in his head, which was caused by Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis; a rare form of cancer that damages tissue.

Rooks says a couple of hours after finding out, she had to find a way to tell Ian.

"I just told him. I said Ian you are 7-years-old now, and you are a big kid, he asked what was wrong and I looked at him and I said 'Ian unfortunately we found out that you have a hole in your skull,'" Rooks said.

The reaction she got was not what she was expecting.

"He just looked at me and he said 'Mom we will be okay,' and he grabbed my hand and without even thinking lowered his head and just started praying," Rooks said.

Ian went through a biopsy and 52 weeks of chemo, but he says he couldn't do it without his mom and dad by his side.

This week marks his last treatment of chemo. Ian celebrated with a new XBOX game.

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