Centerville couple heads back to Puerto Rico to donate supplies

The family is collecting flash lights, batteries, and first aid supplies. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA) 

CENTERVILLE, Ga. -- A Centerville couple originally from Puerto Rico is collecting supplies for Hurricane Maria relief.

Next week, Eliud Rodriguez and his wife Elizabeth will take off on a plane to help Puerto Ricans get basic resources.

Rodriguez's sister lost her entire home in Hurricane Maria. His mother's home survived, but lost many things inside their home.

They told him that resources there are scarce, especially inland where streets are still blocked by debris.

Rodriguez and his wife decided to hold a yard sale at their home Saturday to raise money and supplies for the country they once called home.

The couple wants to bring items like batteries, flashlights and toiletries to Puerto Rico.

Rodriguez said seeing the beautiful country become completely devastated by Maria prompted him to do something.

He said he knows he can't help everyone who needs it, but he's going to help as many as he can.

Rodriguez also connecting with other families from Puerto Rico through social media. He is going to attempt to find the family members when he makes his trip and post updates and pictures.

He said he's gotten requests as far as Chicago and Virginia.

The yard sale will be held on Saturday September 30th at 304 Lancaster Lane in Centerville.

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