Centerville focusing on economic development, improving quality of life for residents

Centerville plans to improve Center Park and create a town center. (Emily Swecker/ WGXA)

CENTERVILLE, Ga. -- Centerville leaders are discussing new plans for the city.

Council members, along with the fire chief and economic development director spoke at Robins Regional Chamber's Eggs and Issues Breakfast Tuesday morning.

They say nearly $2.5 million from SPLOST will be used to build a new fire station.

A new utilities building for Public Works on Alberta Road is also in the works, but talks of expanding Center Park and creating a town center were the main topics of discussion and councilman-elect, Justin Wright, said he's ready to move forward.

"Live local, think local is such a huge component of our culture right now and we're in a really advantageous position to be able to embrace it and to make Centerville be one of those local places whether it's the Food Truck Friday, Popcorn in the Park or the farmers market that we've been doing so a lot of great opportunities to kind of continue to grow Centerville as a brand, as a place to live," Wright said.

The goals for the town center includes three-four story buildings with lofts. boutique hotels and condos on top and retail restaurant locations on bottom.

"I think we put a lot of attention on the millennial generation because they are very important and they will spend their money in local areas and if they're going to spend their money we would rather them spend it here so that we can spend that money to make their city better," Wright said.

The community center is set to located at the corner of North Houston Lake Road and East Church Street.

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