Comeback Story: A girl and her horse defy the odds

Comeback Story: A girl and her horse defy the odds. (Becky Morgan)

PERRY, Ga -- At 15-years-old McKenzie Morgan and her horse H2 have had their struggles, Saturday she competed at the World Barrel Racing World Championships at the Georgia National Fairgrounds.

McKenzie's mother Becky Morgan got the phone call every parent dreads.

"I was devastated at work when I got the phone call," Becky said. " You panic and your first question is are they alive and are they OK?"

Becky's 15-year-old daughter Mckenzie and her horse H2 had been in a bad accident in 2015.

"They flipped their truck and trailer," Becky said. "He was pinned in the trailer for about two hours."

But that's not where their problems started. McKenzie's grandfather passed away in 2014, and for McKenzie becoming a teen world champion looked a little less possible without him there cheering her on.

"That was a huge, huge ordeal for McKenzie she had that on her bucket list with her grandfather since she was six-years-old," Becky said.

Their problems didn't end there. After rehabbing H2's knee from the truck accident they made their first comeback qualifying for semi finals at world's, but then H2 came down with colic, and was only given a 5% chance to live.

"It's horrifying. No, I don't feel like any horse owner should feel the way I felt when he had a five percent chance to live," McKenzie said. "It's literally horrifying because I can't imagine life without this horse."

McKenzie Morgan said this is the horse she grew up on. Her grandfather taught her to race on.

"My whole family like I said we've always been close, but when he got sick, he's like the heart of our family," McKenzie said.

Becky said she's so proud everytime they get out there to race, knowing what McKenzie and H2 have been through together.

"He's just the horse of a lifetime," Becky said. "You know their bond is just unbreakable."

Now the 2017 Teen World Barrel Racing Champion, McKenzie says her faith in God and a team of veterinarians helped H2 beat the odds.

"I never felt like he wouldn't come back. I never had to experience that," McKenzie said. "This horse has never ever let me down, and I don't think he ever will."

McKenzie clocked the fastest time at the fairgrounds on Saturday, racing at 14.0 seconds. She competes in barrel racing finals tomorrow.

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