Company donates year's worth of windows to Rebuilding Macon

MACON, Ga. -- A new partnership with a local company will help "Rebuilding Macon" make more improvements on houses in need.

The organization named YKK AP America a "Neighborhood Building Sponsor" after it donated a year's worth of energy-efficient windows.

Executive Director Debra Rollins said since YKK is a local company it makes sense for them to partner with YKK.

Rollins added that because of the donation, "Rebuilding Macon" can now do more to help people in need.

"This means the thousands of dollars we would have had to spent buying other windows, we can spend on wheelchair ramps, we can spend on roofing," Rollins said. "This means we are able to meet the needs of rebuilding Macon's homeowners."

Tuesday was the 25th anniversary of the organization's Macon Rebuilding Day.

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