Construction brings new jobs, faster wait times at Coliseum Medical Center

The ER at Coliseum will be expanded / Matt Thielke (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Construction is underway at the Coliseum Medical Center, and hospital leaders think the new additions will decrease emergency room wait times and create new jobs.

Todd Dixon, Chief Operating Officer at Coliseum, said the expansion has been in the works for four years.

Part of that expansion includes constructing a helipad on site. Currently, patients who are flown in for services have to land about a block away from the hospital. They are then transported by ambulance to the door.

A new canopy will be added to the ambulance drop-off area to allow more ambulances to drop-off patients at once.

Patients will also benefit from a new CT scanner and five new ER beds inside the medical center.

Dixon said that added capacity will decrease wait times and through times for patients, which is a good thing because the number of people seeking emergency care has increased.

During the expansion, Dixon said there will be a few construction zones near the emergency room that will alter how patients arrive, but there will be signs with clear directions on them.

Along with building expansions, the hospital will add 12 to 13 nursing and support positions.

The expansion is scheduled to be complete by summer 2018.

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