Cordele still dealing with flooding, which experts say comes with lingering dangers

    Tiffany Thompson/WGXA

    CORDELE, Ga. -- People are still dealing with the aftermath of last weekend's flooding in Cordele. And this weekend, more rain is expected.

    Experts say this danger can range from mold inhalation to electric shock.

    One Cordele woman says last weekend she woke up to water up to her ankles and a surprise when something entered her house.

    "The house and the water was so high the cat had to find somewhere to go," Thelma Harvey said. "So he made his way up in the house."

    That's also when Harvey realized her apartment was flooded up to her ankles.

    "Really I knew it was going to be bad weather, but I didn't know it was going to be a flood until later on when my phone came to alert me," she said.

    Harvey says first responders got to her using a boat.

    Home inspector Everett Collins says this happens in middle Georgia, especially in areas by water.

    But the most dangerous part, he says, is when someone goes to re-enter their home after a flood.

    "Mold can start to germinate 24 to 48 hours," he says.

    Collins says there are specific steps you need to take.

    "Get back in the house as soon as you can," he said. "Always safety first. Make sure it's safe to go back in. Put on some gloves and mask then go in and take a bunch of pictures."

    Collins says then let your insurance company know and call a storm contractor to assess the damage.

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