A special proposal at the Georgia National Fair

Boyfriend proposes at the Georgia National Fair in Perry. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

PERRY, Ga. -- Over 500,000 people are expected to walk through the gates at the Georgia National Fair this year.

Keaton Walker with the Fairgrounds in Perry said people come from all over the Southeast to enjoy food, rides, and games.

But this year, love was in the air.

For Ayanna Thomas Saturday afternoon was going to be a typical fair day with her boyfriend Josh Mathis.

What happened next she wasn't expecting, Josh got down on one knee.

"It doesn't feel real, I feel like I am dreaming, I am still trying to catch up it feels like time froze in that moment," said Thomas.

A banner hanging from the 155 ft. Ferris wheel said "Ayanna will you marry me."

"I turned around and saw him on one knee and said what are you doing I wasn't expecting this at all it was a delight but also sheer surprise," Thomas said.

Ayanna said yes and then her family and friends came out to surprise her with flowers.

Her mother, Lawan Sipplin, came all the way from Jacksonville to be here on the special day.

"She is so deserving of it, they both are deserving of each other, they actually act alike which is kind of scary that they act alike, I think it's a good fit," said Sipplin.

Josh has been planning this fair proposal for about a month now but he says he knew he wanted to marry Ayanna way before that.

"Can I love this girl, and every day since I've met her and particularly when we started dating that answer has always been an affirmative yes," said Mathis.

Now the Georgia National Fair will have a special place in their heart, and they plan to come every year on this day.

"We have to and whoever else wants to get engaged we have to help them and pass out flowers too because this is going to go down in fair history."

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