Crisp County parents want answers after 5 cheerleaders kicked off of squad

Parents and former cheerleaders of Crisp County High School want to know why they were kicked off the squad. (WGXA/Eric Mock)

CORDELE, Ga. (WGXA) - Five Crisp County High School cheerleaders were let go from the squad at one time, and the decision to do so has left parents with questions.

The choice to kick the cheerleaders off of the team happened in October, but parents have recently tried to appeal the decision and meet with school administrators.

Parents said that they have also attempted to get property back that they have paid for, such as cheerleading warm-up suits.

Parent Cecelia White claimed that she raised over $1,000 in sponsorship money to ensure her daughter could be on the team and said that the choice to remove them from the team isn't fair.

Another parent, Jackie Brown, claimed that she paid several hundred dollars out of pocket to meet the sponsorship goal so that her daughter could be on the team.

Scott Forehand, chairman of the Crisp County School Board, confirmed that the teammates were kicked off of the cheerleading squad but would not confirm the reason other than to say it is the coach's decision.

Superintendent of Crisp County Schools David Mims would not comment on the situation other than to say that this was a student disciplinary action.

On Thursday, Nov. 9, parents of the team members removed from the cheer squad went to a monthly school board meeting. While the parents claim that they submitted a proper request to get on the agenda to speak at the board meeting, according to Forehand, their statement against the cheerleading coach was very slanderous.

Forehand said that the school board's policy does not allow attacks on specific school employees during an open session of a board meeting. He said that the board offered the parents a chance to present in a closed session, but said that the parents then withdrew their request to speak.

“The form presented, it was to discuss a specific person, in open session, and the application as completed was denied as that’s against school policy," Forehand said.

Parents say they’re now worried how about parents would address a concern about their child.

“The situation is much bigger than cheerleading now," said parent Jetesha King. "Who do I go to once I have a problem with something that’s happened? How do we handle this situation?”

Forehand said that if parents still want to present at a closed board meeting, they are welcome to do so.

“We have not closed the door to listening," he said. "We will not change the policy, though, to allow them to attack a school system employee inside open session board meeting."

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