Crystal Lake tenants report they're still without water, power

    Crystal Lake Apartments/Jayla Whitfield (WGXA)

    MACON, Ga. -- Residents of a west Macon apartment complex have dealt with losing their water and power and said the problems with their homes just haven't stopped.

    Macon-Bibb commissioner Al Tillman helped make sure the Macon Water Authority got water turned back on at Crystal Lake Apartments, but residents still reported issues.

    "We got water back yesterday but its not hot. We don't have any hot water, it's only cold. We don't have any power as you can see behind us," Latrenda Parson said.

    The power outages were first reported Wednesday night, after Macon-Bibb fire crews reportedly went to the apartment complex and had power turned off because of a fire hazard in one of the buildings.

    "If the tenants weren't coming together to help each other, we would be in a world of trouble. But basically we are just looking out for each other out here," said Parson.

    On Thursday, residents stood outside management's office asking for updates, but most of them didn't get an answer. WGXA News reached out to the property's holding company, Crown Bay Group, LLC, and CEO Steve Firestone responded with this:

    We care deeply for the well being of our tenants and are working expeditiously to repair the current issues resulting from the turning back on of the water last night at the property which caused a burst pipe within the high rise building. We hope to have this repaired as soon as possible.

    WGXA went to the complex's leasing office and knocked several times before it closed Thursday. There was no answer, but someone left out of the back of the office. Tenant Latrenda Parson told WGXA they allowed her inside of the leasing office, but Parson alleged she was the only tenant they let inside because her mother is sick.

    "They let me in, I'm the only one they let in, but because my mother has Alzheimer's. The secretary does everything she can to help us but that's not her job. She can only do so much," said Parson. "But the only thing they told me is that they were trying to get in touch with an electrician, but they still don't know when the power or anything will be back on."

    Residents said they felt unsafe and planned to get a motel.

    WGXA News reached out to Crown Bay Group again by phone and by email Thursday, but haven't heard back. Check back for updates as we continue to track this story.

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