Deputies: Macon store owner says burglar enters in roof, 'scoots' around floor


MACON, Ga. -- A Macon store owner tells deputies his business has now been burglarized twice by the same man who allegedly enters through the roof and scoots around the floor.

According to an incident report, deputies were called to Fort Hawkins Package Store on Emery Highway on Friday at 9:30 a.m. for a commercial burglary.

The owner told deputies when he arrived at work, his business had been burglarized -- saying he found a hole in the roof, damage to the wood frame of the office door and $100 missing from a desk drawer.

Surveillance video showed a man entered the building around 4 a.m. and remained inside until 4:30 a.m. The report says the suspect "scooted" around on the floor in a sitting position "in an apparent attempt to avoid cameras, motion detectors or both."

The suspect was seen on video when he kicked open the door of the office, deputies say.

The owner told deputies the same man burglarized his store on March 8 -- entering through the same point of the roof and maneuvering around the building the same way.

No one has been arrested. Deputies continue to investigate.

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