Deputy Daryl Smallwood honored at funeral

WARNER ROBINS, GA.-- Volunteers lined up outside of the Southside Baptist Church to remember a man who some called a "teddy bear." Twenty-nine year old Deputy Daryl Smallwood was honored today as the deputy and man who lost his life on the line of duty.

"The memories I have with Deputy Smallwood are ones I will always cherish because he was a man who always stood by his word, a man that carried out his duties faithfully. He was a man of integrity," said Chaplin Brian Stewart.

Law enforcement from all around Georgia came to pay their respects for the fallen deputy.

Despite the tragedy, Sheriff Terry Deese told everyone that Peach County Law enforcement will carry on.

" "We'll continue to do what we do, we'll be there when you call. If we can't make it there, one of our brothers or sisters will be there," said Deese.

Deputy Daryl Smallwood lost his life when he and Deputy Patrick Sondron responded to call to diffuse "a neighborhood dispute."

The two deputies never made it home. They were shot. Deputy Smallwood died from his injuries on Tuesday.

But he will not just be remembered by how he died. he left a legacy on everyone he met.

"I tell you what, Daryl loved and anyone who was around him knows, Let's look out for each other, the way Daryl looked out for us," said Smallwood's pastor who had known him for a very long time.

Everyone who spoke at the funeral talked of a man of integrity, love and positive personality.

Sheriff Terry Deese is amazed at the love and support from the community and neighboring law enforcement agencies.

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