EMA Director recommends cautious driving as temperatures dip below freezing

Butts County EMA Director Glen Goens said that even if it's not snowing, ice can still form on the roads, so always take precaution when driving in winter conditions/Evan Watson (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Temperatures are dropping tonight, and even if the mid-state doesn't get any snow, freezing conditions combined with this wet weather could be dangerous for drivers.

In Butts County, Emergency Management Agency Director Glen Goens said that cold air and rain makes everything extra slick. He said that public works crews are already prepared to put gravel and salt mixes on bridges in the region.

Goens suggested watching out for bridges because they ice over more quickly than roads, especially as temperatures dip below freezing. Even if it's not snowing, he emphasized, ice can still form.

Goens also added some tips on winter health.

"When it's cold outside, you just don't know how cold and quickly you can become hypothermic. So we want to be prepared, wear warm clothing if you have to be outside, layers if at all possible," Goens recommended.

Goens suggested keeping dry clothing on hand, since being we out in the cold can quicken the process of hypothermia.

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