Emergency shelter volunteers throw a birthday party for evacuee

Jamarlin Johnson celebrates his third birthday at an Emergency Shelter in Fort Valley. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

FORT VALLEY, Ga.-- It's Jamarlin Johnson's birthday and he is spending it at an emergency shelter in Fort Valley with all the volunteers and his family.

"We had planned his birthday party and we had to cancel everything because of having to evacuate. I'm very happy and thankful for it and this community has done a lot for us today," said Susan Johnson, Jamarlin's grandmother.

Jamarlin's family evacuated from Brunswick Georgia, they wanted to stay safe during Hurricane Irma.

"We are surrounded by water and I just didn't want to take the risk with my two small grandchildren's trying to stay home and not having the resources," Johnson said.

The Johnson's arrived to Fort Valley Friday evening. Volunteer Angela Alcantor says she heard it was Jamarlin's birthday and knew she had to do something.

"I said okay we thought something simple and next thing we know I posted it on Facebook and the friends and family and as you can see everyone in the community got involved and they just wanted to make his day special." said Alcantor.

In a matter of hours people donated gifts, cake and food to have a birthday celebration.

"It's a feeling that you can not compare to anything else, knowing that your town has such a big heart and compassion and that they take care of not only their own by anyone that is coming in, they are our family and that is what we are here for," Alcantor said.

Jamarlin enjoyed eating cake and playing with the community kids. His grandmother said they never thought this would be how they would be spending his birthday.

"You never know how God will work things in your life and I'm just thankful for everybody that came out and supported my grandson," Johnson said.

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