Exercise can help with stress and anxiety

Exercise can help with stress and anxiety. Claudia Coco /WGXA News 

MACON, Ga -- Forty million adult Americans are dealing with anxiety disorders, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

Kylie Cuppett is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and she said exercising can help reduce stress and anxiety.

"Exercise has many benefits, it improves your focus, your concentration, it allows you to sleep better, it boosts your mood," said Cuppett. She said you don't have to work out an hour to feel the benefits.

According to Cuppett, when you work out your body releases endorphins that act as a natural pain killer causing your body to relax.

"Five, ten minutes is perfect. because there has been studies shown, that even in that short amount of time that your body feels benefits from that and overall it affects your mental health," Cuppett said.

Cuppett said the key to long term relief is exercising consistently, and not just every once in a while.

George Logan takes his dog Tilly on walks three or four times a week to stay active.

"I get a double play out of this because I get to walk and relax, and I get to take her, and she's also a wonderful way to relax, just to see her and be with her," said Logan.

Logan said his walks in the park with Tilly are the best way to decompress.

New mom, Jarin Bostic, said working out lets her get some time to herself.

"It makes me feel better. It's great for mommy time when you want to get out the house a little bit," said Bostic.

Bostic also said working out allows her to take a deep breath.

"It's good for just your overall mental health. It gives you a chance to decompress. It gives you a chance to, you know, think about things that's been going on. It kind of just gives you a chance to relax a little bit."

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