Expert: Electronics could lead to blue light overexposure, eye damage


WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- Blue light is everywhere, but with new technology, people are at risk of overexposure to it.

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and is emitted through sunlight. It has some benefits like helping people function during the day.

However, it's also emitted from electronics that people use each day, according to David McLeod, Optical Business Manager at Eyesight Associates in Warner Robins.

“It’s more exposure," McLeod said. "We spend so many hours of our day on our smartphones, on our tablets, on our computers. It’s more than what people would normally get over the course of a day.”

That overexposure can lead to macular degeneration and retina damage.

"The retina is like the movie screen in the back of your eye so to speak," McLeod explained. "When light projects on that, it projects a picture. That’s what you see. Overexposure to blue light damages that screen. When it damages that screen, you get blind spots."

To prevent eye damage, McLeod advises people to get blue light filters made into glasses lenses or to apply an anti-reflective coating to glasses.

“You really need to have yourself a pair made with the proper prescription, proper measurements, the proper filtering and anti-reflective coating," McLeod said.

He said some smartphones now also have filters built into them.

McLeod urges everyone to protect themselves before damage is done.

“An ounce of protection is better than any type of correction that you could ever do," he said.

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