Experts: is your child addicted to their iPhone?

Barmel Lyons

MACON, Ga. -- With tempting social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, could your child be addicted to their iPhone?

According to Kyle James, a National Certified Addiction Counselor at Coliseum Medical Center, they could be suffering from what's known as "technology dependence."

"I think with technology the number one thing you got to look for is binge, and that what we're talking about when you're on the phone for hours at a time it's the same as an alcoholic drinking all day or someone doing cocaine all night," said James.

In a letter to Apple, two activist shareholders, Jana Partners LLC and California state teachers, are asking the tech giant to create apps that limit time kids spend on their phones.

The letter also says that heavy users of social media have a 27 percent higher risk of depression.

Rodney Gary, a father of two teens, said that shareholders who retract their investments are wasting their time.

"The point of the research, to get to why they are using it is past that point now," he said.

Mother of three Jackie Hogan also gets concerned that her child spends too much time on technology.

"If we see that he is spending too much time on we encourage him to power off and you know go outside and play," she said.

Her son Desmond Hogan said he would pick playing outside over being on a phone any day.

Kyle James said that it all comes down to parenting.

"In the big scheme of things it is all being missed, it's all trying to put the blame on somebody else, when this is a parenting skill that's got to be put into play. Just now, electronics is part of it," said James.

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