Experts say credit can't be perfect, but can be close


MACON, Ga. -- According to Experian's annual study of US credit and debit use, total credit card debt in America has surpassed one trillion dollars.

When it comes to maintaining good credit, vice president of Beall Financial Services Colleen Giffin says to view it as a moving target. She says that it can never be perfect, but that people can strive for a score of "excellent," and that credit scores can affect several aspects of a person's life.

"Definitely something that you want to make sure that you have the best credit score that you can. That might mean that you're looking to have something in the range of 750 plus," she said.

Giffin adds that it's important to check credit scores regularly, because there's no way to know what to fix without knowing what it is.

"So essentially 750 and above is excellent, anything in the 700's is really good once you get below 650, that's when you start getting into the zone where you need to start working towards improving your credit score," she said.

Even those with a good credit score has several options when it comes to improving it.

"Look at how much credit you have, what types of credit you have, and see what you need to do to actually make it better," said Giffin.

Matthew Harper said he makes sure to pay for things on time and closely watches his expenses.

"Daily I do things to help change my credit. Paying off bills, and paying off my card," he said.

Thomas Randall said he checks his credit score twice every year to make sure he's on track.

"Not spending money I don't have, and if I do run my credit card, I keep track of it and make sure I pay it off at the end of the month," said Randall.

Georgia residents can request four free credit reports every year to stay on top of their credit.

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