Fall weather brings business to local farms and is good for agri-tourism

Fall benefits agritourism. Claudia Coco/ WGXA News

FORSYTH, Ga -- Fall weather is beneficial for agritourism according to Hamlin Hills Farm in Forsyth. A University of Georgia study in 2015 estimated that agriculture and nature-based tourism generated $194 million dollars in revenue, creating 5,200 jobs, and $351 million dollars of economic impact.

The Amazing Cornmaze at Hamlin Hills Farm gets a lot of attention during the fall. Tim Franz who was visiting with his family there Saturday said they couldn't resist.

"We were driving by, and my wife saw it, and we decided we would come check it out," said Franz.

Chief Executive Farmer Lee Hamlin said fall is a good time of year for their business.

"So every year, we have more and more people, and fall is getting busier and busier," said Hamlin.

Hamlin said his farm offers some good family fun, but the weather plays a major role in agritourism.

"It's been so hot, and then all of a sudden it cools off a little bit, and people enjoy coming out to see the farm and see what we have," said Hamlin.

Franz said the good weather made for the perfect family outing.

"We've had a blast the whole time we've been here, and taking crazy amounts of pictures, the kids are running around screaming, having a good time," said Franz.

Assistant Farmer Jessica Fake said the farm is getting a steady stream of customers.

"As far as the people go, I would say we're busy year-round. But fall is you know, nicer weather gets a lot more people out here," said Fake.

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