Fallen hero brought home, many pay respects at visitation

Flags hang outside the funeral home where Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright's visitation happens. Jennifer Munoz/WGXA

VIDALIA, Ga-- People from all over the state of Georgia headed to Tombs County to show respect for Sergeant Dustin Wright who was killed while serving in the military.

Local Pastor Vincent Drummer said this was the communities one last farewell to hometown hero, Sergeant Wright.

"Many of us are not brave enough to do it, I wasn't brave enough to go to the military, I wasn't brave enough to fight and we enjoy the freedom and the liberties because of those who have the courage to go forth and do it," said Drummer.

Bryan Archquette said it filled his heart to see all the people who came out.

"The sacrifice that they had to make to defend our country is phenomenal, Sergent Wright sacrificed his life, words can't make the feeling come out," said Archquette.

Archquette drove all the way from Atlanta to show the family that the country stands beside them.

"We wonder how much hurt the family has suffered through and we just want to see them feel honored and respected," Archquette said.

Various biker groups escorted sergeant Wright's body from the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport all the way back home.

"It just brings a tear to your eye, you swell up with pride and sadness that he is gone," Archquette said.

The funeral will be held on Sunday at the Boosters Stadium in Toombs County.

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