Family and friends moving forward six years after Lauren Giddings' murder

Family and friends moving forward six years after Lauren Gidding's murder. Claudia Coco / WGXA News

MACON, Ga -- Six years after Lauren Giddings' murder, family, friends, and Mercer Law celebrated her memory with the first annual Lauren Giddings Memorial Run.

Sarah Reybold was younger than her big sister Lauren by nine years, and even with a big age difference they were still close.

"Like Lauren -- it's something you think about every single day," Reybold said.

Like Reybold, Kristin Tucker, Lauren's best friend, said even a happy occasion like the memorial run is still difficult.

"These events are hard. I miss her everyday," Tucker said.

Tucker said Lauren was a huge part of her life.

"When she became my best friend, she became like an aunt to my daughter. My daughter still wears a ring with her initials on it," Tucker said.

She said it's hard not to be emotional, but she knows what Lauren would want.

"I think she would slap me and tell me not to be sad, to be happy and celebrate her," Tucker said.

The run held by the Association of Women Law Students at Mercer Law is a fundraiser for the Lauren Giddings Scholarship. The scholarship helps law students pay for their bar preparation expenses. Reybold said Lauren would be honored, and there's no better way to raise money.

"5k is a perfect way because she loved to run. Our whole family is big into running," Reybold said.

She plans to continue on Lauren's legacy and memory.

"Just with events like this, hopefully this grows every single year," Reybold said.

The Association of Women Law Students said they raised at least $7,000 dollars at the event.

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