Family remembers brothers hit and killed by train in north Macon

Brian and Cory Cranmore were hit and killed by a train in north Macon Saturday/Photo courtesy of Cranmore family

MACON, Ga. -- The family of the two brothers hit and killed by a train in north Macon Saturday afternoon remember Cory and Brian Cranmore as "compassionate and good people."

The coroner says Cory Cranmore, 27, and Brian Cranmore, 30 -- both of Macon -- were walking on the train tracks near Arkwright Road and Arkwright Drive around 12:30 p.m. when an approaching train hit and killed them.

The family met with the Bibb Sheriff's Office Monday morning to learn more details of what they're calling a freak accident.

"My brothers were walking along the middle of the trestle...standing there and talking," younger brother Dustin Stuckey, 23, said. "By the time the train came around the curve, they didn't have enough time."

Deputies told the family they saw the incident afterwards on video.

"What they told us was by the time they saw the train, they only had so much time to start running," Stuckey said. "And they just could not clear the trestle -- but they did try."

"Cory was trying to run straight and Brian tried to stay to the edge, but they just didn't have enough time," he added.

The brothers' aunt Summer Dowling says knowing it was an accident gives the family some closure.

"We were wondering if it was suicide or if something crazy was happening between them -- maybe they were arguing," she said. "But today just knowing that they tried means the world to us."

"They were doing what brothers do -- they were going out and having fun and enjoying life together," Dowling added. "But it just ultimately ended up in a tragic way."

Dowling says the Cranmore brothers had laughs that were "just so amazing."

"Everybody does their stupid things in life, but they really were awesome people," she said. "Such compassionate and good people. We're going to miss them a lot."

The timing of this tragedy makes it even harder on the family.

"It's Christmas time," Stuckey said. "We were looking forward to having Christmas with them."

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