Filmore Thomas Park repaired after vandalism

filmore park update photo.PNG

Authorities are still looking for the person who vandalized Filmore Thomas Park in Macon, but they have repaired the damage.

Filmore Thomas Park open in January of 2018 and was vandalized shortly after, according to the Macon Bibb Office of Public Affairs.

Nearly 1.7 million dollars of SPLOST funds were used to build the park.

"This park is something that the community has looked forward to and been promised for thirty years," said county spokesperson Chris Floore, "so we certainly want to make sure we are keeping it up."

Floore said there was damage to the splash pad and restrooms at the park, but the county didn't have to use any SPLOST money to repair them. The splash pad is currently malfunctioning, but Floore said it is a separate problem from the vandalism.

The recreation department is pricing security cameras to see if they would be able to keep or maintain them.

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